Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm so Happy for Sue

 I'm so happy it worked out well.  I will insist that Jill tell the story, but she's really deserving of praise for a job well done.  We sent Tom home in his little dress and he was none to happy about it.  He'll be less happy tomorrow when he finds out we're not done. Sue did tell him to hang up the dress because he'd need it again.  Not in Cindy's league or even Jill's, but with some makeup there's definite potential.

1 comment:

  1. The red hair looks cute on her and her bone structure shows great potential. Good collarbone definition, so low cuts should look good on her. She will definitely need 'tude with the red hair. Looks like big feet, so either Payless or online. Does she have a name yet or are we still calling her Tom? She looks like maybe a Sherri or Amber or maybe even Elizabeth, since she would have had a regal blaze of hair when she was first born. I think maybe Autumn colors or Goth/Lolita style would look good with her skin tone and the hair, but I can't really see her eyes. Just my initial thoughts. Look forward to watching her progress! Good catch - sweet bait - cheating asshole! I look forward to watching her pay for her lack of respect! ;)